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The Process

Where do I start?

Planning a trip with a can be an easy and enjoyable process.

  • First, determine who is traveling with you. Is this a family vacation or reunion? A girls' weekend? A Honeymoon (or second, third, etc)?

  • Now that you have an idea of who is joining you. Let's talk about what type of destination you would like to visit. The beach with the sun, sand, and drinks? A cruise to new destinations? Ones you've seen before? How about a road trip down old Route 66?

  • Ok, we know who and where, which brings us to how many days? We all would love to be on an extended vacation forever, right? But realistically how many days can you take being away? Or your furbabies be away from you? Do plants need to be watered? 

  • Lastly, we have to talk about the budget. What is it? What are the allocations to food, accommodations, excursions, transport, odds and ends, and insurance?   

This is the foundation of your adventure. We can create a customized itinerary that fits your specific needs and tastes. You will have peace of mind knowing your trip will be successful and stress-free.

Beach Town

What documents do I need?

Travel documents are essential when traveling abroad. A valid passport is the most important travel document. You will also need a photo ID such as a drivers license or certified birth certificate. Depending on the country you are visiting, you may also need to obtain a visa. Additionally, you should always have your tickets or boarding passes, as well as any confirmation numbers for any reservations you've made. All these documents should be kept in a safe place to ensure a smooth and easy travel experience.

Travel Insurance? Are you sure? 

Yes, yes, yes. You need travel insurance. You have insurance through your credit card? It is not the same. Travel insurance will protect you when your credit card and your medical plans won't. Travel insurance will pay for new clothes if your luggage ends up in Atlanta, Georgia, and not with you in Athens, Greece. Things happen, you have car insurance why not trip insurance? 

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